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Full Service – Single Axle £200.00 Twin Axle £220.00 + parts

This service consists of the Road Chassis Service, Electric and Gas Equipment Check and Damp Report.

More information on our full caravan service

Road Chassis Service – Single Axle £160.00 Twin Axle £180.00 + parts

This includes a check of operation (and lubrication where applicable) of the handbrake, hitch and towing mechanism, brake linkages, corner steadies and a general inspection of the chassis condition. A visual inspection is carried out of the tyres and gas pipes for signs of deterioration and tyre pressures are checked. It also ensures that wheel nuts are torqued to the correct torque. This service ensures your caravan’s roadworthiness and includes brake drums, damper and exterior road lights. It includes a visual brake and drum inspection and brake adjustments (included in the full service).
More Information on our caravan chassis service

Habitation Service - Caravans £170.00 | Motorhomes £170.00 + parts

This service checks the operation of all gas and electrical systems including appliances, water system operation and a damp report (included in the full service).
More information on our caravan habitation service

Electric and Gas Equipment Check  – £100.00 + parts

This service checks the operation of all gas and electrical systems including appliances and water system operation (included in the full service).

Damp Report – from £70.00

Your caravan will be tested for signs of water ingress and a detailed report will be supplied (included in the full service).

Fridge Service & Repairs from £70 + parts

Like any gas-operated appliance, a refrigerator must be serviced at frequent intervals, and an annual service is recommended.

Caravan Pre Purchase 100 Point Inspection – from £70.00

Pre purchase inspections include a check of: Water ingress, visual inspection of bodywork and floor, visual inspection of chassis condition, road lights, cables and plugs, wheels, tyres and brakes, provisional gas system check, visual inspection of all appliances. Pre-purchase inspections are valid at the time of inspection only and cannot be used as a guarantee of future performance of any appliance, systems or water ingress.

More information on our pre purchase inspection

ALDE Anti Freeze Replacement – 5Yr Product  prices from £190

Your blue heating system fluid should be changed every second year, pink every fifth year. For the latest G13 spec antifreeze. The fluid has the ability to protect against corrosion and frost damage but it deteriorates over time.

Electrical Inspection & Condition Reports EICR  – £230.00

All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use. They should therefore be inspected and tested at regular intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory condition for continued use. Such safety checks are commonly referred to as 'periodic inspection and testing'.

Additional Work £60.00 per hour

Any additional work can be carried out at a rate of £60.00 per hour. All prices quoted are not subject to VAT.

Call Out Support £70.00

Pricing initial call out including first 30 minutes of labour

Call out charges will vary depending on location. However, we are regularly visiting most areas in the Midlands and will endeavor to keep this cost to a minimum. Please do not hesitate to give us a ring and we will give you a quote.

Servicing Charges

All services include basic materials needed to service the unit, but not parts for items found to be faulty, defective or out of date. Items such as gas hoses, batteries, bulbs or other consumables; these will be replaced as standard during certain services and are charged for separately on your invoice.

Please Note: Hub nuts are a chargeable item on a service as they need to be removed to allow access to the braking system, and vary in price this can be confirmed on quotation 

Please make sure that the site / storage facility owners will allow us to service your unit on their site.

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