Caravan & Motorhome Solar Panels

Solar Panels For Caravans And Motorhomes

Solar Panels offer advantages to off grid campers, allowing longer stay times when no electric hook ups are available. In storage keeping the battery topped up.

we get asked lots of questions regarding solar panels and installations, here are a few

  • Will i be able to run my kettle when not plugged into mains electric?
    The short the answer is no, however with an inverter then yes but that is a lot of extra expense when you can use a gas kettle.
  • How big a solar panel will i need?
    This is a big one, it is all dependant on your usage. (awaiting a calcuator)
  • Do you need to drill hols in my roof?
    Yes, however only for the cable to pass through, we no longer mechanically fix (screw) solar panels to roofs. We use  an MS Polymer adhesive.
  • Will it affect my warranty?
    Not in our experience, We are an an NCC Approved Workshop so all work is undertaken to a standard.
  • Do I have to bring my leisure vehicle to you?
    No we are an AWS Mobile workshop so we come to you, or your storage site.
  • How long does it take to install a solar panel?
    We allow 4 hours for an installation.
  • Whats the average size solar panel people go for?
    The most popular combination is, 100W German built solar panel connected through a 10amp LCD charge controller down to one leisure battery.

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