Caravan Motor Mover Installation

Swiveling at the bush of a button

Off to your holidays or welcome back home. No matter where you arrive, sometimes every inch counts when

maneuvering your caravan. Have it the easy way - with easydriver pro. With this system, you can comfortably

move your caravan everywhere without much space. And the best part: The easydriver can be pivoted easily at the push of a button. Simple electronics. To do so, you will need our serial wireless remote control or the easydriver app for your smartphone, so you can tell your easydriver pro where to go.

The maneuvering profession. Your easydriver pro.
Moving great things:

  • even in tight spaces, maneuvering without worries
  • unique, patented technology
  • a real power pack
  • ideal and secure transfer of power from the drive roll to the tires through large swivel path and innovative roll surface
  • safe and gentle push-on of the tires
  • new design: simply beautiful and compact
  • Thanks to the optimized and unique high-tech materials mix, the easydriver is lighter and effectively prevents rust.
  • unique swivel mechanism with high-quality slide bearings
  • easy docking
  • optimal ground clearance
  • This one is yours! Personalize the casing with your favorite color***.
  • innovating control with return message of drive unit
  • winner of the "Red Dot Award": Product Design" and the "Plus X Award: Best Product of the Year" as well as of awards for innovation, high quality, design, operational comfort and functionality

The perfect duo

easydriver meets smart control

Surely your smartphone will accompany you on your holidays. That's perfect because our easydriver app for comfortable maneuvering enables you to move your caravan with your fingertips.

The control commands are transmitted from your smartphone to the easydriver maneuvering system via bluetooth. The smart app is free and requires the app controller as an upgrade from your local dealer.

For the models easydriver basic and easydriver pro from 2016, the smart touring companion is available everywhere. And of course you can also control easydriver maneuvering systems manufactured prior to 2016 with the easydriver app. In addition to the easydriver app and the app controller, you will simply need to carry out a software update of the electronics box. This way, your next holiday will be "appsolutely" perfect.

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