Caravan Chassis Service

20160730_124657The chassis service is an important part of any caravan service its a check of all road lighting, hitch assembly, overrun assembly, draw bar, chassis components, axle tube, suspension assembly, removal of the road wheels to aid a close tyre inspection and also to enable the removal of the brake drums to aid manual inspection and adjustment of braking components and lubrication of all working parts. A very thorough all round safety inspection!

This includes:

  • Coupling head & safety catch for wear (lubricate if required)
  • Check and clean pads on ball acting stabiliser
  • Condition & routing of breakaway cable & clips
  • Operation of over run piston & lubricate
  • Jockey wheel clean & lubricate
  • Operation of handbrake & lubricate
  • Brake rods, cables & supports
  • Remove wheels & check tyres for wear, damage, age & pressure
  • Test operation of the road lights
  • Remove brake drums & check bearings, seals & linings (clean & lubricate)
  • Replace drums with new split pins or one shot nuts & torque to manufacturers settings
  • Adjust brakes at drum & check free play in the linkages & at handbrake
  • Condition & security of chassis & attachment to body
  • Operation of suspension assemblies
  • Corner steadies operation (& lubricate)
  • Spare wheel carrier & folding step for operation & lubricate
  • Inspect 12N, 12S or 13 pin cables and plugs

We are AL-KO and BPW Chassis trained and authorised to carry out warranty, service & repair work. So all the running gear on your caravan, chassis, brakes, hitch and stability control systems will be maintained to the relevant manufacturers standards.

Alko Approved Mobile Engineer

BPW Approved Mobile Engineer

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